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A documentary on contemporary American artist Bruce Nauman, known for his challenging, yet playful approach to conceptual art. This is observed in his public art installation Vices and Virtues, consisting of huge neon signs that flash the seven deadly sins. Through a diversity of media, including sculpture, video, printmaking, and performance, Nauman uses art to examine communication and the human experience. Make Me Think features 60 of his pieces, including early film projections and video installations like Clown Torture and Anthro/Socio, and chronicles the development of a "video sculpture" titled Violent Incident. Wrote Michael Kimmelman, chief art critic of The New York Times, Nauman "inspires reverence, or loathing...It's hard to feel indifferent to work like his." In English.

Heinz Peter Schwerfel---Germany---1997---70 mins.
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