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A trio of unconventional documentaries from three distinct auteurs. In Waiting for Fidel (Canada, 1974, 58 mins.), three men--Joey Smallwood, former socialist premier of Newfoundland; Geoff Stirling, the Newfoundland-born broadcasting magnate; and Michael Rubbo, the Australian-Canadian director--made an extraordinary trip to Cuba to meet Fidel Castro. However, the men wind up in a strange limbo for days on end. This wait becomes the subject of the film, as the men embark on a wide-ranging, humorous, and compelling dialogue on Cuba, Canada, socialism, capitalism, and other issues. This is followed by Late Night Talks with Mother (Czech Republic, 2001, 68 mins.), "an artistic and technical tour de force" (Cineaste). More cinematic confession than documentary, this innovative film diary finds Czech New Wave director Jan Nemec attempting to unravel the threads of a difficult relationship with his deceased mother. Lastly, Voyage in Time (Andrei Tarkovsky/Tonino Guerra, Italy, 1983, 63 mins.) is a chronicle of Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky as he searches locations and explores ideas for his next feature. Accompanied by Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra (Red Desert), the resulting film is at once diary and documentary, travelogue and art film. In English, Spanish, Czech, Italian, and Russian with English subtitles.

Michael Rubbo/Jan Nemec/Andrei Tarkovsky/Tonino Guerra---Canada/Czech Republic/Italy---1974-2001---189 mins.
  • 3-DVD set