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Your imagination is your superpower -- it allows you to create and destroy, to build up walls and to tear them down. As you watch The Power of Imagination, you will meet characters from all over the world who use their imaginations to soar high in the sky on origami airplanes, scale skyscrapers, fight crime, create time machines, and even build new worlds! These films will not only take you on fantastical adventures, but will ignite your creative problem solving skills so that you can be the hero, too! Programming for Vol. 1 includes: A Bottled Promise (Jin Teo, Singapore, 2009, 4 mins.), A Plan (Tom Shroeder, USA, 2004, 8 mins.), Air Balloon Circus (Jim Goodall, Canada, 2012, 9 mins.), Laura: In Action (Laerke Drews, Denmark, 2008, 15 mins.), Papiroflexia (Joaquin Baldwin, USA, 2007, 2 mins.), The Great Journey (Caroline Fioratti, Brazil, 2010, 15 mins.), The Little Blond Boy with a White Sheep (Eloi Henriod, France, 2013, 8 mins.), The MisInventions of Milo Weatherby (William Whirity, USA, 2009, 23 mins.), Toward a Theory of the Evolution of the Turkey (Brandon Arnold, USA, 2008, 6 mins.), and Toyland (Alexander Freydank, Germany, 2008, 14 mins.).
  • Facets DVD on Demand: This DVD-R is manufactured on demand and is expected to play back in DVD-Video "play only" devices.