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Were all different. Some of us are tall, some short. Some dance to hip-hop while others prefer Irish step. Embracing our differences illuminates what make us unique, and the ways we can use our differences to bring us closer together. These films hail from an assortment of countries, from the USA all the way to Australia, and have a lot to teach us about embracing what makes us, well, us! Kids of all ages will discover what it means to accept and love each of our differences as they delve into the diverse people, cultures, and stories that make up our world. Programming for Vol. 2 includes: (Ex)Changed (Angad Singh, USA, 2011, 19 mins.), A Tree & a Flower (Tomoko Oguchi, USA, 2010, 5 mins.), Au Coeur Del'hiver (Isabelle Favez, Switzerland, 2012, 7 mins.), Brushstrokes (Ken Kimmelman, USA, 1990, 5 mins.), Frogs, Toads & Love (Barbara Parks/Maggie Kraisamutr, USA, 2006, 3 mins.), Left-Handed (Baoqi Ye, Canada, 2002, 10 mins.), Play Lunch (Cassandra Nguyen, Australia, 2011, 9 mins.), My Name Is Tuan (Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, Canada, 2008, 6 mins.), The Stubborn Mule & the Remote Control (Helio Villela Nunes, Brazil, 2010, 15 mins.), and Tomboy (Barb Taylor, Canada, 2008, 13 mins.).
  • Facets DVD on Demand: This DVD-R is manufactured on demand and is expected to play back in DVD-Video "play only" devices.