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Every day we are confronted with obstacles, big and small, which we struggle to overcome. The films in Overcoming Obstacles show characters as they overcome struggles with bullying, social acceptance, financial hardship, and other obstacles that at first might seem impossible to work through. This volume will help kids think through the ways they solve their own real-life problems and the ways they are empathetic towards others. Programming for Vol. 4 includes: Anatommy (Logan Cascia, USA, 2006, 5 mins.), Beatless Nick (Kelly Morrison, Canada, 2007, 4 mins.), Coast Warning (Aleksandra Shadrina, Russia, 2011, 7 mins.), Josue and the Cassavastalk (Diogo Viegas, Brazil, 2009, 12 mins.), Kibera Kid (Nathan Collet, Kenya, 2006, 11 mins.), Len & Hugo (Chris Trebilcock, Canada, 2006, 21 mins.), Rebelle (Mark Levie, Belgium, 2008, 6 mins.), The Adventures of Pim & Pom (Gioia Smid, The Netherlands, 2011, 5 mins.), The Most Scary Animal (Dmitry Rezchikov, Russia, 2008, 4 mins.), and Torty's Day Out (Suresh E., India, 2004, 3 mins.).
  • Facets DVD on Demand: This DVD-R is manufactured on demand and is expected to play back in DVD-Video "play only" devices.