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From Helma Sanders-Brahms--"the fiery, dogged, despairing feminist voice of the New German Cinema" (Michael Atkinson, IFC.com)--comes this collection of six gripping dramas about the struggle of women in a tumultuous world. Earthquake in Chile (1974, 86 mins.) is a fable of forbidden love and political oppression. Under the Pavement Lies the Strand (1975, 106 mins.) follows a politically motivated couple who struggle in the calm that follows the student rebellions and demonstrations of the late 1960s. Germany, Pale Mother (1980, 123 mins.) depicts the realities of a group of brave, self-sufficient women who live in the ruins of bombed-out buildings during WWII and later rebuild their houses and apartment blocks. The Future of Emily (1985, 108 mins.) tells the story of three generations of females, exploring the bond between mothers and daughters. No Mercy, No Future (1981, 108 mins.) offers a stunning portrait of a woman in psychological turmoil. Lastly, My Heart Is Mine Alone (1997, 105 mins.) tells the story of the real-life love affair between Jewish poet Else Lasker-Schueler and Nazi poet Gottfried Benn. In German with English subtitles.

Helma Sanders-Brahms---West Germany/Germany---1974-1997---634 mins.
  • 6-DVD set