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These three documentaries from Chicago's legendary Kartemquin Films capture the 1960s counterculture at the University of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute, providing a snapshot of the era's politics and passions. In Anonymous Artists of America (Gordon Quinn, 9 mins.), the psychedelic rock collective of the same name performs at the University of Chicago, the band's alma mater. Once the opening act for the Grateful Dead and connected to Ken Kesey's Acid Test Graduation, Anonymous Artists are also notable for using one of the first analog synthesizers created by Don Buchla. Hum 255 (Blumenthal/Litvin/Temaner/Quinn, 28 mins.) chronicles the impact of a student strike at the University of Chicago, not only from the perspective of those who were expelled, but also from those who remained in school. Lastly, in What the Fuck Are These Red Squares? (15 mins.), a "fascinating time capsule of radical rhetoric," (Chicago Reader), striking students meet at the Art Institute in response to the violence at Kent State and Jackson State, and invasion of Cambodia. They ponder the role of artists in a capitalist society.

Gordon Quinn/Jerry Blumenthal/Jason Litvin/Gerald Temaner---USA---1969-1970---52 mins.