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Nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes in 2005, Masahiro Kobayashi's Bashing is a heartbreaking film based on real-life events. The narration begins after Japanese aid worker Yuko...LEARN MORE.


Shot in black-and-white, Bootleg Film is a darkly comic road movie about two men, Tatsuo (Emoto Akira) and Kiyoshi (Shiina Kippei), who are the best of friends despite being on opposite...LEARN MORE.


Ken Ogata (Mishima) delivers a wonderful performance as Honma Nobuo, a lonely, elderly widower who lives with his youngest son, Yasuo (Hayashi Yasufumi), in a remote...LEARN MORE.


Acclaimed Japanese indie filmmaker Masahiro Kobayashi (Bashing; Man Walking on Snow) directs himself in this stark drama about a widower grieving for his daughter, who was stabbed to...LEARN MORE.


With his stripped-down style and minimalist aesthetic, director Masahiro Kobayashi offers a clean, cool vibe for a new era of Japanese cinema. Kobayashi deals with the issues and problems that plague Japanese culture, often exposing truths that society does not want to see. Bashing (2005, 82 mins.) tells the story of Yuko, a Japanese aid worker held hostage in Iraq. Her return home is anything but happy, as coworkers, friends and family harass her for shaming the country. Shot in black-and-white, Bootleg Film (1999, 74 mins.) is a darkly comic road movie about two men, who are best friends despite being on opposite sides of the law. One is a retiring Yakuza, the other a cop, and the two embark on the road trip from hell to attend the funeral of their mutual beloved. Man Walking on Snow (2001, 103 mins.) follows lonely widower Nobuo, who struggles to communicate with his sons. Lastly, Kobayashi directs himself in The Rebirth (2007, 102 mins.), a stark drama about a widower grieving for his daughter, who was stabbed to death by a classmate. Haunted by the loss, the man moves to northern Japan, where he spots the mother of his daughter's killer working as a cook at a local inn. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Masahiro Kobayashi---Japan---1999-2007---361 mins.