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Based on a series of letters written by a schizophrenic woman named Rita G., No Mercy No Future (Die Beruhrte) is Helma Sanders-Brahms' controversial film about the troubled daughter (Elisabeth Stepanek) of uncaring bourgeoisie parents. Without proper psychiatric treatment for her unearthly visions, she prowls the streets along the Berlin Wall at night in search of God, but settles for the company of strange, exiled men. "Is it merely a farrago of sexual and hallucinatory images of great skill, or is it a work of multi-layered complexity, crowded with religious emblems, politico-historical allegory, scathing social attack and compassion?" (The Faber Companion to Foreign Films). Winner of the Sutherland Trophy at the British Film Institute Awards. In German with English subtitles.

Helma Sanders-Brahms---West Germany---1981---108 mins.