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Imagine surviving a war, earthquake, flood, or other disaster only to be stricken by nightmares, paranoia, and a sense that it's happening over and over again. What would you do? Prisoner of Her Past tells the haunting story of a childhood trauma that resurfaces after 60 years to unravel the life of Holocaust survivor Sonia Reich. Her son, Chicago Tribune jazz critic Howard Reich, journeys across the United States and Eastern Europe to uncover why his mother believes the world is conspiring to kill her. Along the way, he discovers remnants of a family he never knew he had. He also finds a group of psychiatrists in New Orleans who are helping young, traumatized survivors of Hurricane Katrina so they will not re-experience their childhood terrors. "A brave work of personal discovery that explores a scandalously under-reported phenomenon" (The Huffington Post).

Gordon Quinn---USA---2010---57 mins.