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The first feature from German filmmaker Helma Sanders-Brahms, this potent black-and-white drama deals with the aftermath of the 1968 student rebellions in Germany as experienced by two fervent participants. Though the country experienced sweeping reforms in the years following, two radicals-turned-successful Berlin stage actors and lovers (Grischa Huber and Heinrich Giskes) are grappling with their growing insignificance and the demands of adulthood. After a night of intense debate about the past and their future, the couple begins garnering support to fight a new abortion bill. However, their rekindled zeal is soon complicated by an unexpected pregnancy. "A cult film for the feminist movement" (The Films of Helma Sanders-Brahms). Giskes and Huber won German Film Awards for their performances. In German with English subtitles.

Helma Sanders-Brahms---West Germany---1975---106 mins.