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Master French filmmaker Julien Duvivier (Under the Paris Sky, Pepe Le Moko) adapted this silent film with a powerful story of child neglect that resonates with relevancy...LEARN MORE. This is a 3-disc collection of seminal works and archival rarities featuring silent comedy legends and forgotten clowns, from the first film directed by Charlie Chaplin to early works...LEARN MORE. Berliner Stilleben paints a vivid portrait of Germany’s largest metropolis between the World Wars and examines the social and economic climate during that time. Scenes of street...LEARN MORE.
This film is Moholy-Nagy's cinematic journal, which recorded the meeting of the CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture) in August of 1933. The meeting was held on a...LEARN MORE. Moholy-Nagy made two documentary films in London that further illustrate his biologically-inspired design program. The first was commissioned by a London...LEARN MORE. This is Moholy-Nagy’s first film, where his camera reveled in the hustle and bustle of the harbor life. The documentary has three parts. The first presents the city’s “façade”: its boulevards and quays...LEARN MORE.
Explore the mindset and artistic vision of iconoclastic filmmaker Heinz Emigholz, who is the originator of "Architecture as Autobiography," a series of documentaries on unique...LEARN MORE. The Formative Years I presents the earliest work of acclaimed documentary filmmaker Heinz Emigholz (Schindler's House). His films from the 1970s reveal his ties to legendary...LEARN MORE.