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Three Cuban sisters come to Spain in search of a better life, but they must contend with attempted exploitation and seduction as they pursue the capitalist dream. A sophisticated comedy, veering from screwball antics to bittersweet moments. Starring Jorge Perugorria (Strawberry and Chocolate) and Violeta Rodriguez, who earned a Goya nomination as Best New Actress for her debut performance in this film. In Spanish with English subtitles.  Manuel Gutierrez Aragon---Spain---1997---110 mins.

Based on a book by Spanish poet and dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca, Yerma tells the story of woman who longs for a child, but is unable to conceive. Harboring a deep hatred for her husband, she is tempted to seduce a shepherd from the village, but feels conflicted by her moral values. Her desperation and obsession eventually drive her to the brink of insanity. Stars Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, Irene Papas and Juan Diego. In Spanish with English subtitles.  Pilar Tavora---Spain---1999---118 mins.