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The stunning Edwige Fenech stars in The Case of the Bloody Iris, in which a beautiful young model is stalked by a mysterious killer. As you might expect with Ms. Fenech in the lead, there's a good deal of sex appeal to go along with the expected bloodletting. Dubbed in English.

Giuliano Carnimeo---Italy---1972---95 mins.

Originally aired on Showtime, the Masters of Horror series includes 13 hour-long horror films by proven masters of the genre. Dance of the Dead is Tobe Hooper's (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) contribution to the series, about a teenage girl living in post-WWIII America. Venturing beyond her mother's watchful eye, she starts hanging out at "the Doom Room," a drug-filled metal club where the performers are reanimated corpses stimulated by electrical charges. With Jonathan Tucker, Jessica Lowndes, and Robert Englund. As an homage to Freddy, many of the characters in this post-apocalyptic horror flick have peeling, rotting, or burnt flesh--from the nuclear fallout, of course. Based on a short story by Richard Matheson.

Tobe Hooper---USA---2005---59 mins.

In a complicated turn of events, Warner Bros. gave director Renny Harlin the green light to complete the Exorcist prequel that was originally handed to filmmaker Paul Schrader. Harlin's version was released theatrically in 2004, after being deemed more commercially viable. However, this version--the Paul Schrader-directed feature--is arguably more successful. A darkly fascinating piece of atmospheric horror, Schrader's film eschews blood and gore in favor of chilling psychological suggestion. The plot unfolds in the same manner as Harlin's Exorcist: The Beginning, with Stellan Skarsgard starring as a young priest who encounters the Exorcist demon for the first time while on a trip to a remote region of East Africa. "The movie is drenched in atmosphere and dread, as we'd expect from Schrader, but it also has spiritual weight and texture, boldly confronting the possibility that Satan may be active in the world" (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times).

Paul Schrader---USA---2005---117 mins.

Originally aired on Showtime, the Masters of Horror series includes 13 hour-long horror films by proven masters of the genre. The Fair-Haired Child is William Malone's (House on Haunted Hill) contribution to the series, about a lonely teenage girl who gets kidnapped by a warlock and witch who plan to sacrifice her to the evil spirits in order to bring back their dead son. With Lori Petty, Willaim Samples.

William Malone---USA---2005---55 mins.

Ross McElwee crafts a meditative and highly subjective look at both the tobacco industry in North Carolina and wider issues created by the enduring allure of cigarettes.

Peter Straub's best-selling novel was brought to the screen for this spooky film that gave some aging legends of stage and screen another moment in the spotlight. Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, John Houseman, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. star as four well-to-do, elderly New England gentleman who share a dark secret from the past that comes back to haunt them. Also starring Patricia Neal, Craig Wasson and Alice Krige.

John Irvin---USA---1981---110 mins.

Even though Rob Zombie took to casting horror veterans Bill Moseley and Tom Towles in all his projects, the two actors weren't above getting covered in bile in the depths of underground slasherdom where Home Sick resides. They "headline" with Lindley Evans and B-vixen Tiffany Shepis in "a gorefest that does what so many recent low-budget shockers claim to do: It recaptures the off-kilter vibe of '70s horror fare, but in an unforced manner that doesn't feel self-conscious" (Fangoria). When a maniac with a briefcase full of razors crashes a high school party and demands the names of those the partygoers hate, the hated start turning up all mangled and blood-bathed. The original score by Zombie doesn't hurt either.

Adam Wingard---USA---2007---89 mins.

Terrence Stamp hosts this Showtime anthology series spun from the 1983 Tony Scott film, The Hunger. Each half-hour episode features recognizable genre stars in erotic, vampiric riffs on the original David Bowie blood feast. Includes all 22 episodes from the show's first season.

USA---1997-1998---616 mins.

Michael Anderson directs this thrilling adaptation of Elleston Trevor's spy novel, brought to the screen with a remarkable script by playwright Harold Pinter. George Segal plays Quiller, a secret agent sent to investigate the murder of two British spies at the hands of a neo-Nazi organization in West Berlin. "Alec Guinness never misses a trick in his few scenes as the cold, witty fish in charge of Berlin sector investigations. Max von Sydow plays the Nazi chief quietly but with high camp menace" (Variety). Nominated for BAFTA Awards for Best Art Direction, Film Editing, and Screenplay.

Michael Anderson---Great Britain---1966---105 mins.

Boris Karloff headlines a double feature of first-rate psychological horror from RKO producer Val Lewton. Isle of the Dead (Mark Robson, 1945, 72 mins.) unfolds on a cursed island during the 1912 Balkan War, with Karloff as a Greek general who discovers an evil presence while searching for the grave of his late wife. Directed by Mark Robson, this macabre classic was inspired by an Arnold Bocklin painting. Bedlam (Mark Robson, 1945, 79 mins.) finds Robson and Lewton re-teaming for a supernatural chiller set in an 18th century insane asylum. Karloff stars as the wily asylum director, who incarcerates a feisty muckraker after learning of her plans to reform the asylum.

Mark Robson---USA---1945---151 mins.

Although it has been consistently sold as a horror film over the years, Wes Craven's notorious first feature doesn't really fit into the genre. While the events in the film are certainly horrific, the movie is mainly a grim, upsetting depiction of debasement through violence. Two teenaged girls are raped, tortured and killed by sadistic criminals. When the killers arrive at the home of one of the girls, the enraged parents exact gruesome revenge. Controversial to this day, this thoroughly unpleasant film has been defended in some quarters as a statement against violence. It is certainly not a film, unlike so many exploitation movies, that makes its carnage look "fun." Based loosely on Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring.

Wes Craven---USA---1972---84 mins.

Klaus Kinski stars as a scientist who accidentally unlocks an inner monster during a botched experiment and turns into a brutal killer. Kinski is in top form here, giving an excellent and sympathetic performance as the unloved doctor/monster. A beautifully shot Jeckyll & Hyde-ish gothic horror tale. In Italian with English subtitles.

Sergio Garrone---1972---Italy/Turkey---88 mins.

A mental patient, prematurely released from an institution, begins to have visions of a woman urging him to kill. "Freddy Krueger fans need not apply for My Sweet Killer, as this internal nightmare is a different kind of horror film. A moody, darkly churning voyage into the mind of a tormented psychopath...a solid slice of independent filmmaking" (Merle Bertrand, Film Threat).

Justin Dossetti---USA---1999---77 mins.

Romero's zombie classic is retold here with the help of another dimension...the third dimension! It's a low-budget novelty horror flick that features some attractive no-namers and one Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses). "Affects a cheeky, self-referential attitude that serves only to throw its characters' stupidity into high relief" (Variety).

Jeff Broadstreet---USA---2006---80 mins.

Richard Lynch plays a psychotic carnival clown in this terrifying occult horror thriller about a young girl who's terrified that her birth mother will steal her from her beloved foster parents. "An intriguing low-budget independent production [that] contains several unforgettably eerie scene" (TV Guide). With Sharon Farrell.

Robert Schnitzer---USA---1975---90 mins.

Season two of the inventive Masters of Horror series includes 13 hour-long horror films by proven masters of the genre. John Carpenter follows up Cigarette Burns, possibly the best chiller from season one, with this controversial episode that takes place in an abortion clinic and features a demon baby. Hey, when it comes to horror, who said political commentary had to be subtle. Stars Ron Perlman, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Mark Feuerstein.

John Carpenter---USA---2006---60 mins.

Based on the short stories of Taro Hirai (Edogawa Rampo), a writer frequently referred to as Japan's Edgar Allen Poe, this horror anthology includes four tales of the macabre. In Mars Canal, a naked man (Tadanobu Asano) in a surreal, post-apocalyptic world reminisces about his final encounter with an ex-lover. Mirror Hell tells of a detective's efforts to track down a killer who burns his victim's corpses. Caterpillar stars Nao Omori as a war hero who's lost all of his appendages in combat. His wife (Yukiko Okamoto) serves as a caretaker, until her feelings toward the man turn unspeakably cruel. Finally, Crawling Bugs chronicles the nightmarish evening of a young actress who takes an impromptu detour to rendezvous with her lover. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Akio Jissoji/Atsushi Kaneko/Hisayasu Sato/Suguru Takeuchi---Japan---2005--- 134 mins.

Gore Verbinski's remake of the shocking 1996 Japanese ghost story Ringu remains faithful to the original in its delivery of real scares. Naomi Watts (Mulholland Dr.) plays a newspaper reporter investigating a series of bizarre deaths, each occurring when the victim watches a specific videotape. When she decides to watch the tape herself, the terror begins. Although lacking in some of the subtleties of the original, the film still "creeps you out in high style" (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone).

Gore Verbinski---USA---2002---109 mins.

A low-budget teen slasher flick inspired by the classic Washington Irving tale. Five high school students from Sleepy Hollow are forced by their principal to clean up the woods on Halloween night. One by one, the students are beheaded by a madman on a horse. It's up to the survivors to stop the insanity.

Chris Arth/Kevin Summerfield---USA---2000---90 mins.

A young woman's dreams lead her to strange revelations about her past in this Japanese creeper from the producer of Ringu. Nami (Megumi Okina, Ju-on: The Grudge) has been using the raw, elaborate images from her dreams as the graphics for a video game program that she's been developing. As the game begins to overtake Nami's life, she visits an abandoned house that figures prominently in her dreams, where learns shocking details about her past. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Shimoyama Ten---Japan---2001---85 mins.