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Simon Brand's claustrophobic thriller begins as five men groggily wake up in a   locked-down warehouse with no memory of who they are or how they've gotten       there. Through deductive logic and a series of dangerous guessing games, the     captives must decipher one another's intentions in order to stay alive. The    star-studded ensemble cast includes Greg Kinnear, Joe Pantoliano, James        Caviezel, Jeremy Sisto, and Barry Pepper.                                      Simon Brand---USA---2006---90 mins.
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Based on Brendan Behan's coming-of-age story, this award-winning Irish drama follows Behan's days in a tough boys' reform school.
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Admirers of Easy Rider might disagree, but this harrowing tragedy may be   Dennis Hopper's finest work as a director. Linda Manz (Days of Heaven)     stars as a rebellious teen, growing up without any positive role models, who     embraces the nihilistic spirit of the punk rock music she listens to. When her father (Hopper) is released from prison, her hopes for a family bond are       shattered when he reverts to his abusive nature. With nowhere to turn, she     decides on a final way out. "A movie of rude, rough vitality...extraordinaril  y well-acted by Dennis Hopper and Linda Manz" (Vincent Canby, New York        Dennis Hopper---Canada---1980---93 mins.
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In this drama based on a true story, a West African refugee fights to survive in a German city that does not want him. "A tough exploration of intolerance and dislocation" (,NY Times).
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Two separate programs help you learn the essentials of beginning Spanish. From   the Spanish alphabet to basic vocabulary, from verb conjugations to adjective    use, these programs are an excellent introduction to mastering the language.     186 mins.
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The world-renowned classical guitarist Julian Bream traces the evolution of      the Spanish guitar from 1500 to the present day. Bream plays against a           backdrop of the magnificent old buildings and panoramic landscapes of Spain,     creating a visual evocation of the culture that spawned this special music.
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Anthony Asquith directed this literate period thriller in the late silent era    long before his more recognized stage-to-screen works like Pygmalion.      A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929, 87 mins.) is a prime example of the           sophisticated narrative and cinematic techniques--expressive camera angles,    eerie lighting, rapid editing--Asquith borrowed from earlier German and Soviet masters and wielded to great effect. While this picture helped raise the       esteem Britons held for moviemaking in the thirties, the companion BFI           documentary Silent Britain (David Thompson, 2006, 88 mins.) connotes the current reevaluation of British silent cinema, a veritable golden age. Written and presented by Matthew Sweet, it covers the early works of George Albert     Smith, Cecil Hempworth, Maurice Elvey, Asquith, and Alfred Hitchcock. Also       features the commentary of Academy Award-winning cinematographer Jack Cardiff  (Black Narcissus, film scholar Ian Christie, and archival footage of     Anthony Asquith/David Thompson---Great Britain---1929/2006---175 mins.
4400: SEASON 1
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"A breakthrough of major significance in ethnographic film" (Film Quarterly).
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The Polish Hogan's Heroes. Boguslaw Linda and Marek Kondrat, known best for their action roles, team up once again in a lighthearted WWII adventure about two members of the Polish underground who engage in a series of comic misadventures. They plan to outwit the Nazis by robbing a German-controlled bank and using the loot to purchase a major shipment of arms. What in the pierogi could possibly go wrong? In Polish with English subtitles.

Janusz Majewski---Poland---1998---150 mins.
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In this "painfully honest" (Variety) documentary, director Mariana Otero thought her mother had disappeared when she was a child. But 25 years later, she learns the truth.
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This Chaplin double feature includes A Woman of Paris, his first film to not star himself, and A King in New York, his last leading role.
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Written and directed by Rebecca Miller (Angela), Personal Velocity chronicles the personal and engaging stories of three separate women in New      York City struggling to maintain healthy relationships. Along the way, each      woman comes to a crossroads and must make a life-changing decision. This very  compelling, superbly written and shot film earned the Grand Jury Prize and the Excellence in Cinematography Prize at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.         Features strong performances by Kyra Sedwick, Parker Posey and Fairuza Balk.     "This is one of the finest pictures of the year" (The New York Times).   Rebecca Miller---USA---2001---85 mins.
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A good-hearted mouse tries to get along with his neighbors in the animal kingdom in these appealing Polish cartoons aimed at younger children. Very       human characteristics come through in the animated critters, and the stories are told without dialogue, making them truly universal. Six stories as         originally broadcast on Polish television: "The Cricket's Concert," "The Cat and the Mouse," "The Little Mouse and the Stork," "The Little Mouse and the Tramp," "The Little Mouse and the Owl," and "The Little Mouse Goes Skiing."  Eugeniusz Kotowski---Poland---1980-83---56 mins.
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Brad Davis (Querelle) stars as German army officer Claus von               Stauffenberg, one of the leaders of the German Resistance movement intent on     assassinating Adolf Hitler. Heading "Operation Valkyrie," von Stauffenberg       plotted to have two bombs explode during a meeting with Hitler on July 20,     1944. Director Lawrence Schiller (The Executioner's Song) presents this  taut historical thriller of the daring heroics of a man acting on his          Lawrence Schiller---USA---1990---94 mins.
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In this modern variation of The Bicycle Thief, a young delivery man        searches for his stolen bike, his story eventually intersecting with that of     another man who purchased it on the black market. This moving drama marks a      significant departure from director Wang Xiaoshuai's controversial earlier     film, Frozen. "...both an homage to De Sica and a reinterpretation of    his ideas for a vastly different society facing an even more critical moment   of change...[a] complex, politically charged tapestry of contemporary Chinese    life..." (Bill Gallo, New Times Los Angeles). In Mandarin with English   Wang Xiaoshuai---China/Taiwan---2001---113 mins.
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This double release boasts the talents of Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach, Ermanno Olmi, Lars von Trier, and Carl Theodor Dryer.
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In this sequel to the popular comedy An Angel in Krakow, Giordano the      Angel is bound by his earthly responsibilities and cannot return to heaven.      When he reluctantly severs all ties with heaven, he suffers a nervous            breakdown. Now Giordano just needs to find that one woman who will bring him   heaven on earth. A warm-hearted comedy by newcomer Artur Wiecek, Angel in   Love stars veteran Polish actor Krzysztof Globisz (The Decalogue,     Pan Tadeusz) as the wayward angel. In Polish with English subtitles.       Artur Wiecek---Poland---2005---97 mins.
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Based on a series of best-selling detective novels by Donald Strachey, this      gritty TV film stars Chad Allen as a gay sleuth who's assigned to protect a      controversial activist known for outing famous persons. When he fails in his     assignment and the provocateur ends up dead, the investigator grows determined to bring the killer to justice.                                                Ron Oliver---USA---2005---99 mins.
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This PBS documentary gives a street-level perspective of Black South African     music during the Apartheid era. Before reform began, much of this                extraordinary music was censored or suppressed, and many of the performances     included in this program had to be filmed clandestinely. Ladysmith Black       Mambazo, Juluka, Philip Tabane & Malombo, the Mahotella Queens, Abafana and    other noted artists are featured. 60 mins.
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Roy Marsden returns as P.D. James' ace of Scotland Yard, Adam Dalgliesh,         called in to investigate the murder of a drug dealer at a respectable London     book club. Originally broadcast in six episodes.                                 John Davies---Great Britain---1985---291 mins.