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Animated in a simple yet very expressive fashion, Bolek & Lolek is a  charming children's cartoon that ran for years on Polish television. The characters (two youngsters who imagine adventures around the globe) are      depicted without dialogue but with clever sound effects and movement that convey their personalities. This volume includes six Bolek & Lolek tales: "In the Land of Kangaroos," "Tracking Down a Tiger," "In the Polynesian Islands,"  "In the Land of the Incas," "In the Land of Eskimos," and "In Canada." Marszalek/Wajser/Nehrebecki/Dulz/Zeman/Kudla---Poland---1968-70---57 mins.

Six more wonderful cartoons for children, featuring two young explorers who travel the world in their imaginations. Bolek & Lolek was a hit throughout Poland and in much of Europe, thanks to its universal approach (no dialogue) and basic yet whimsical animation style. This volume includes these stories, originally broadcast on Polish television: "At the Olympics in Mexico," "The Grand Prix in Argentina," "Buffalo Hunters," "Chasing the        Smuggler," "In the Pharaoh's Tomb," and "At Kilimanjaro." Byrdy/Wajser/Nehrebecki/Cwiertnia/Kudla---Poland---1969-70---54 mins.

When a little boy who likes to draw comes to the aid of a mystical dwarf, he is rewarded with a magic crayon that allows him to draw objects that come to life. With the help of his trusty dog, he uses the crayon to perform good deeds. These cartoons, made for Polish television, impress with their fluid animation and cheerful tone. There is no dialogue, making them perfect for young kids of all nationalities. Six stories: "In the Square," "The Chase," "Pete: Friend of the Birds," "Saving the Bear," "The Flood," and "Lost in the    Baraniecki/Piliczewski/Czernelecki/Kotowska---Poland---1974---54 mins.

A young boy with a magic crayon that brings objects to life takes to the sea in these episodes of The Enchanted Crayon. These children's cartoons are a slight departure from those on volume 1. The animation is a little less fluid, but the narrative is more involved, following the hero and his pet dog  in an ongoing seafaring adventure. Originally broadcast on Polish television.  Episodes: "Message in the Bottle," "The Sinking Boat," "Shipwrecked," "Prisoners on the Glacier," "In an Old Windmill," and "Monkey's Silly Tricks."  Czernelecki/Kronic/Kotowska---Poland---1974---57 mins.