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This handsome documentary commemorates the 100th birthday of Czeslaw Milosz, the Nobel Prize-winning Polish-Lithuanian poet who spanned his century. Famous cultural figures, friends, and family retrace the life and work of this extraordinary thinker, joined by Milosz’s own words and a wealth of archival material. Born in a cross-border region of Lithuania in 1911, Milosz grew up a polyglot, fluent in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, English, and French. After studying law, Milosz travelled to Paris, where he published poems, fiction, and essays. This led him to Warsaw, where he spent World War II working for underground presses. Surviving Nazi rule, he went on to serve as a cultural attache of Poland in Paris. In 1951, he defected to the West and wrote his most famous prose work, The Captive Mind. By 1960, Milosz had emigrated to the U.S. to teach at the University of California, Berkeley. Throughout, he continued to publish poetry that spoke in clear words to the human condition during times of tumult. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, Milosz returned to Poland, where he passed away in 2004 at the age of 93. More than a well-researched biography, The Age of Czeslaw Milosz is a lyrical reflection on a life spent in exile yet filled with humor, passion, and big ideas that often went against the spirit of the age. In Lithuanian with English subtitles.

Juozas Javaitis---Lithuania---2012---185 mins.

This remake of A Kiss Before Dying became quite controversial because the main star plays a murderer, something rare in Hindi cinema. With Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

A young woman disguises herself as a boy so she can work in a carpet workshop to support her family. Her secret is complicated when a female coworker falls for her.

In this Cuban comedy, Sissy wants to sing at the Tropicana club, but her macho truck driver father forbids it. When he accidentally hits a biker on the road...

Taking a cue from What's Up Tiger Lily, this spoof re-dubs the cheeseball 1954 sci-fi flick, Killers from Space and transforms it into a hilarious send-up about a maniacal batch of gay aliens who threaten to homosexualize the entire planet. Stars Peter Graves as the aliens' test subject. "A zany comedy" (The New York Times).

Doug Miles---USA---2002---80 mins.

The maniacal German mastermind wreaks sci-fi havoc in this collection of cult jams: Return of Dr. Mabuse (Harald Reinl, Germany/France/Italy, 1961, 89 mins.), Invisible Dr. Mabuse (Harald Reinl, Germany, 1962, 89 mins.), and Death Ray Mirror of Dr. Mabuse (Hugo Fregonese, Germany, 1964, 90 mins.). Dubbed in English.

Harald Reinl/Hugo Fregonese---Germany/France/Italy---1961-1964---269 mins.

They might not have bankable stars or clear selling points, but each of the obscure gems in these Cult Camp Classics sets come beautifully restored and ready to please their hungry devotees. The fourth volume includes three historical costume epics: at long last comes this strange work from Howard Hawks, Land of the Pharaohs (USA, 1955, 106 mins.), which is based on a script by William Faulkner and Harry Kurnitz and follows the epic construction of the Great Pyramid; Sergio Leone's directorial debut The Colossus of Rhodes (Italy, 1961, 138 mins.), is a sweeping sword-and-sandal epic set in ancient Greece. Rory Calhoun stars a Greek hero who must travel to Rhodes and destroy the mythical Colossus; The Prodigal (Richard Thorpe, USA, 1955, 115 mins.) is a lavish MGM production shot in Cinemascope and set in 70 B.C.

Howard Hawks/Sergio Leone/Richard Thorpe---USA/Italy---1955-1961---359 mins.

In this "profound and moving experience" (Chicago Tribune), two nuns roam the streets of 1967 Chicago asking the question, "Are you happy?"

"Pugs are my life," exclaims a passionate dog lover, and this amusing documentary reveals why. Friendly, warm, and with great personalities, these little dogs inspire abject devotion and loyalty in their owners. There are pug books, pug art, pug parks, pug rescue groups, and pug social clubs. A Pug's Life explores how these little canines are used for therapy, make perfect companions for children and adults, and attract customers to retail businesses. Lively, entertaining, and informative, this film will "pug" (no "pug" intended) at the heart of every animal lover. As seen on PBS.

Marilyn Braverman---USA---2003---50 mins.

They might not have bankable stars or clear selling points, but each of the obscure gems in these Cult Camp Classics sets come beautifully restored and ready to please their hungry devotees. The third volume includes three high-octane terror trips: Dana Andrews stars as troubled fighter pilot Ted Stryker in Zero Hour! (Hall Bartlett, USA, 1957, 81 mins.), the basis for the spoof Airplane!; More jet-propelled excitement powers Skyjacked (John Guillermin, USA, 1972, 102 mins.), an intense, riveting  thriller that has drama, intrigue and a cast that includes Charlton Heston, Yvette Mimieux, James Brolin and Walter Pidgeon; Making his second appearance, Dana Andrews also stars in Hot Rods to Hell (John Brahm/James Curtis Havens, USA, 1967, 92 mins.).

Hall Bartlett/John Guillermin/John Brahm/James Curtis Havens---USA---1957-1972---275 mins.

This mind twister pits unsuspecting women against the gruesome illusions of an evil magician. The beautiful volunteers are magically sawed in half, impaled through the head and gored through the stomach--and then walk away seemingly unharmed. Hours later they are found dead of the same wounds.

Herschell Gordon Lewis---USA---1970---96 mins

They might not have bankable stars or clear selling points, but each of the obscure gems in these Cult Camp Classics sets come beautifully restored and ready to please their hungry devotees. The second volume includes three tales of damsels in distress: Lana Turner stars in the ever-campy drama The Big Cube (Tito Davison, USA, 1969, 98 mins.), about a young girl with a sleazy boyfriend (George Chakiris) and a quarrel with her mother, a former actress; In Freddie Francis' Trog (Great Britain, 1970, 91 mins.), a strange creature suspected of murdering students in England is captured and brought to anthropologist Dr. Brockton (Joan Crawford), who believes this "Trog" is the missing link between man and ape. She begins to study and educate the creature when it escapes and abducts a little girl; Caged (John Cromwell, USA, 1950, 96 mins.) is an odd inclusion in that it's a serious and rather successful portrait of a terrified young woman (Eleanor Parker) sent to prison for being an accomplice to a robbery and coming out a hardened criminal after run-ins with the likes of Agnes Moorehead.

Tito Davison/Freddie Francis/John Cromwell---USA/Great Britain---1950-1970---295 mins.