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Described as "The misbegotten gender-bending progeny of Busby Berkeley, Karl Marx, and Timothy Leary..." (Nathan Rabin, The Onion A.V. Club), The Cockettes were a one-of-a-kind band of performers who brought the gay and hippie counter cultures together. Their theatrical revues combined camp, cross-dressing, musical numbers, drug use, plenty of risque humor, and audience participation in a zany style that made a major impression on the San Francisco scene and on notable fans like John Waters.

Bill Weber/David Weissman---USA---2002---100 mins.

"Though the best known Quo Vadis is the 1951 Hollywood version...this recent Polish-produced film surpasses it in every respect" (Chicago Tribune). One of the most expensive films ever made in Poland--and also the last by veteran filmmaker Jerzy Kawalerowicz.

A teenage boy is accused of killing his father, and between him and capital punishment stands just one man. A vivid, shocking courtroom drama with a powerful cast, including Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, E.G. Marshall, and Jack Klugman. "Generates more suspense than most thrillers" (Pauline Kael, New Yorker).

A collection of three 1975 films that not only allowed striking workers to tell their stories, but also affected the course of events for each union.

A gay psychotherapist (Paul Provenza) goes undercover to expose a colleague's hoax, but finds himself falling under the man's spell in this darkly provocative drama. Jonathan Baldwin (Provenza) and his reporter boyfriend (Andrew Elvis Miller) are skeptical of a therapist's claim to be able to alter one's sexual orientation, so Baldwin poses as a patient to expose the rouse. But when Baldwin feels himself drawn to the therapist's point-of-view, he becomes a pawn in a psychological chess match between boyfriend and doctor. "Boasts one of the most entertaining and bitterly astute screenplays I've had the pleasure of listening to in awhile" (Ella Taylor, L.A. Weekly).

Michael Selditch---USA---2002---104 mins.

An aspiring filmmaker accidentally rents a gay porn film and falls hard for its leading man--Johnny Rebel, the biggest star in his field. He ends up taking a job as the "fluffer" for the object of his affection, who happens to be straight. Soon he's competing with Johnny's girlfriend for the attention of the handsome, self-involved porn stud. "Everything you hoped Boogie Nights would be" (Out Magazine). Unrated version.

Richard Glatzer/Wash West---USA---2001---94 mins.

Follow My Voice documents the making of a benefit album for a besieged LBGT youth center in New York City, with indie bands and rock legends covering jams from James Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The film joins footage of these teens and their video diaries with performance and behind-the-scenes studio footage of the following artists: Ben Kweller, Yoko Ono, The Polyphonic Spree, Jonathan Richman, Sleater-Kinney, Rufus Wainwright, Frank Black, Kim Deal, Ben Folds, and Yo La Tengo among others.

Katherine Linton---USA---2006---100 mins.

In this reversal of La Cage aux Folles, Stephen and Danny are two mafia hit men disguised as a hip, gay Manhattan couple. When Stephen's parents come for a visit, they must put on the ultimate charade to fool them and enlist their fellow mobsters to pose as gay waiters at the fake catering company Stephen "owns." Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Washington D.C. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Kristen Coury---USA---2001---87 mins.

The gathering of over 12,000 athletes in Sydney, Australia in November, 2002, for the Gay Games is chronicled in this collection. Beginning with the opening press conference with k.d. lang and the opening ceremonies, the exclusive coverage follows the 8-day, 31-sport event up through its closing ceremonies and after-parties. Includes 24 additional sports featurettes, 16 slide shows, over 500 photos, and more.

2002---300 mins.

Trailers from dozens of mainstream and major gay or lesbian films from 1953 through 1977 have been collected on this video. These coming attractions comprise a serious but ironic look at a difficult past with some great laughs.

Jenni Olson---USA---1991---62 mins.

Lili Taylor stars as a housewife who's determined to turn over a new leaf in this uplifting drama, written and directed by Bob Gosse. Ditching her husband and her suffocating lifestyle, Julie (Taylor) follows her dream of attaining a science degree. On the way, her friendship with Claire (Courtney Love) takes an intense turn as the two begin a romantic relationship. Winner of the Jury Award for Best Lesbian Feature at the 2001 Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Bob Gosse---USA---2001---94 mins.

Murder, sex and comedy are in the air when a group of lesbians head to the middle of nowhere for a camping trip. The excursion is to celebrate Susan's birthday and her fellow campers are all ex-lovers. As the outdoor fun, including swimming, mountain climbing, and tent-hopping, commences, the campers are eliminated one-by-one by an unseen killer.

Sharon Ferranti---USA---2002---96 mins.

Worlds apart from anime and close to experimental film, Japanese animator Naoyuki Tsuji creates a distinctive universe with a few simple, hand-drawn lines in charcoal and pastel. What first appears to be childlike crudeness in his animation is actually subtle, strange, and even "haunting and frightening" (The Guardian). Tsuji's films captivate us because they are vague recollections of beguiling childhood dreams and memories--the wonder of the puppet show, the mystery of clouds, and the attraction of monsters. This collection includes Trilogy About Clouds, A Feather Stares at the Dark, Experiment, Travel to the Lost World, Wake Up, and For Almost Forgotten Stories. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Naoyuki Tsuji---Japan---1992-2005---47 mins.

A young man's inquiry into his father's hidden life leads him to question his own sexuality in Cui Zi'en's artful blend of narrative and non-narrative elements. Gao Yang, Liang Hao Bin, and Qiao Bin star in a film that deals candidly with China's sex industry while telling a moving tale of family connections and taboo love. In Mandarin with English subtitles.

Cui Zi'en---China---2004---75 mins.

For this rare look inside North Korea, director Pieter Fleury gained unprecedented access to a country generally cloaked in secrecy. Using "a day in the life" format, Fleury follows the daily routines of a typical North Korean family as they go to work, attend school, and participate in English classes. Though the country's inhabitants sincerely put their best face forward, the relentless images and ritualized practices of government propaganda offer a telling portrait of this controversial country. In English and Korean with optional English subtitles..

Pieter Fleury---Netherlands---2004---48 mins.

The closeted son of a conservative Republican Senator wades into a risky relationship with a liberal political activist in this shrewd romantic drama. If divulged, Henry's (Matt Newton) sexual identity could derail his father's reelection campaign, which puts the young gay college student in a bind. But when Henry unwittingly ticks off the left-leaning Anthony (Jack Noseworthy), the young activist is left contemplating political sabotage, compounding Henry's problems immensely.

Zak Tucker---USA---2004---98 mins.

Olympia tries to lead the life of a normal teenager, but the sudden discovery of her mother's homosexuality leads to major complications with school and her boyfriend. After running away to Paris to find her father, who is also gay, Olympia returns home to find the situation even more distressing, which leads her to contemplate desperate measures. "...a sensitive perspective on a complex issue, and is bolstered by fine performances from a very talented cast" (The New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival). In French with English subtitles.

Laurence Katrian---France---2001---86 mins.

A collection of eight lesbian-themed short films on one DVD, including High Heels on Wheels (Leslie Sloan/Donna Cassyd, USA, 2007, 11 mins.), about roller derby stars who reminisce about being out and proud back in the early 70s; Peace Talk (Jenifer Malmquist, Sweden, 2006, 15 mins., in Swedish with English subtitles), about a childhood crush that mother doesn't approve of; Private Life (Abbe Robinson, Great Britain, 2006, 16 mins.), starring Lucy Lieman as a cross-dresser waiting for her lover, Maggie, and set in the 50s; Last Exit (Nicola Marsh, USA, 2007, 12 mins.), about a married woman who still has feelings for her ex-girlfriend; Brooklyn's Bridge to Jordan (Tina Mabry, USA, 2005, 20 mins.), a family drama about a woman who has no say over her partner's affairs after a devastating car accident; Triple Minority (Amber Sharp, USA, 2005, 15 mins.), in which a gay black woman tries to reconcile with her intolerant, religious parents; Such Great Joy (Michelle Kramer, USA, 2005, 15 mins.), focusing on a girl's failed (and funny) attempts to announce her engagement to her girlfriend during a Jewish holiday; and lastly, Family Reunion (Isold Uggadottir, Iceland, 2006, 25 mins., in Icelandic with English subtitles), starring Adalbjorg Arnadottir as a NYC lesbian who returns home to Iceland.

USA/Great Britain/Sweden/Iceland---2005-2007---129 mins.

A comedy detailing the war of the sexes with some new twists. Angus MacFadyen stars as Houston Blackett, a men's magazine owner whose mother has suddenly died. Evidently, she left her estate not to her estranged son, but to her lover, a local girl named Zane (Penelope Ann Miller). Houston is aghast at the news and his machismo is put to the test when he meets Zane. Also features Ann-Margret, Millie Perkins and writer/director Karen Leigh Hopkins.

Karen Leigh Hopkins---USA---2001---94 mins.