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In this award-winning Australian drama, Stewart Kane (Gabriel Byrne) is on a fishing trip with some friends near the Australian town of Jindabyne when they come across the body of a dead girl in the river. They oddly continue fishing and report the discovery only after they return from their trip, causing an uproar in town and leading Stewart's wife, Claire (Laura Linney), to second guess her marriage to such a man.

Ray Lawrence---Australia---2006---123 mins.

The first feature from Australian independent filmmaker Mojgan Khadem is set in nineteenth century Australia and tells of a forbidden relationship between the beautiful daughter (Alice Haines) of an Afghan father and Aboriginal mother and the dreamy Christian boy (Aden Young) she loves. The social, political, and cultural backdrop of Serenades makes for a truly unique film.

Mojgan Khadem---Australia---2001---96 mins.