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The generosity and involvement of thousands of supporters like you helps Facets share the extraordinary in film: films from around the world that challenge, stimulate and provoke. Tens of thousands of children experience great films in film screenings and participate in our innovative educational programs year-round. Dozens of films are rescued from oblivion and neglect to enchant and inspire new audiences everywhere.

Only the help of Facets members and supporters makes all this possible. Thank you for your support!

Donation Amount:
(US Dollars)   
$50.00    25 copies of a restored DVD
$100.00    Full scholarship for 4 children
$250.00    Full scholarship for 10 children
$500.00    A director-presented film
$1,000.00    Sponsor a film class
$2,500.00    Help restore a forgotten film
$5,000.00    Sponsor an entire school