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This film is Moholy-Nagy's cinematic journal, which recorded the meeting of the CIAM (International Congress of Modern Architecture) in August of 1933. The meeting was held on a yacht that cruised the Mediterranean Sea between Marseille, the Aegean Islands, and Athens. Congress participants included such notable writers and editors of periodicals, musicians, physicians and artists such as Le Corbusier, van Eesteren, Giedion, and Leger. This time wives of the congress participants were also present, and non-members had been admitted to the recently established circle of “Friends of the CIAM.” For the Gazette des Beaux-Arts G. Brunon Guardia wrote about the congress and described it as “an original crusade”: “The whole of this holiday world forms a floating Tower of Babel, full of friendliness and good cheer, full of picturesqueness, in a word, extremely Montparnasse-like.” Directed by Laszo Moholy-Nagy. In black & white. Silent with no audio.

László Moholy-Nagy---France/Aegean Sea/Greece---1933---29 mins.