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The Bubble Club sofa, BIC Cristal pen, Akari lamp, Hoover 150 vacuum cleaner, Citroen DS 19 automobile, and iMac computer embodied the two requirements of a great design--they were innovative and aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately for their designers, they were also instant successes with the public and had a commanding influence on future product lines. Design not only explores the development and concept of each of these archetypal products, but uses each as a lens to examine a larger historical context. Combining archival images and film excerpts with music and other pieces of popular culture, this unique documentary outlines the social, political, and cultural climate in which each item was invented. "Cleverly allows us to view the 20th century from a new angle" (L.A. Tribune).

Danielle Schirman/Anna-Celia Kendall---France---2006---156 mins.