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The Formative Years I presents the earliest work of acclaimed documentary filmmaker Heinz Emigholz (Schindler's House). His films from the 1970s reveal his ties to legendary experimental filmmakers Michael Snow and Ken Jacobs of the New American Cinema, who were major influences on his work. Emigholz's thought-provoking documentaries represent a link between fine art and filmmaking. In Schenec-Tady I (1972), Schenec-Tady II (1973), Arrowplane (1974), Tide (1974) and Schenec-Tady III (1975), he explores the interplay between the temporal nature of film and still compositions of landscapes. The films consist of thousands of photos, taken frame by frame, cut together to suggest the illusion of time and speed. This release also includes short films made during Emigholz's first years in America, an interview with the filmmaker that details the meaning behind these works, and a booklet that provides a context. Silent and in German with English subtitles.

Heinz Emigholz---West Germany---1972-1975---142 mins.