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The Formative Years II presents more experimental films by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Heinz Emigholz (Schindler's Houses). Hotel and Demon are two films that explore the nature of time in a beautiful, evocative style. In Hotel (1976, 27 mins.), Emigholz disrupts the linear narrative via editing, and then reconnects the shots based on recognizable patterns. In doing so, he brings new meaning to the images. Demon (1977-1979, 29 mins.) is an interpretation of poet Stephane Mallarme's "Le Demon de l'Analogie." Both films reveal Emigholz's ties to legendary American avant-garde filmmakers Michael Snow and Ken Jacobs of the New American Cinema, who were major influences. The DVD also includes a photo gallery from Emigholz's slide shows "Schuhstuck," "Tassenstuck" and "Wandsbek Gartenstadt," as well as a 98-minute interview with the filmmaker and Klaus Wyborny, and a 20-page booklet. In German with English subtitles.

Heinz Emigholz---West Germany---1976-1979---56 mins.