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A pair of dark, disturbing, delusional tales of disaffected youth in Japan. An Official Selection at the Berlin Film Festival, Carnival in the Night      (Masashi Yamamoto, 1982, 108 mins.) captures the Tokyo punk scene of the 1980s. Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, Yamamota gets the most out of a cast of young toughs, who more or less play themselves, while shooting on 16mm for an appropriately gritty style. It involves a punk rocker who leaves her son with her ex-husband and begins an unusual odyssey through Tokyo's underbelly. A punk ethos also informs Peep TV Show (2004, 98 mins.), Yutaka Tsuchiya's energetic descent into the subculture of video surveillance, Japanese "Lolitas," pornography, internet transmissions, and 9-11. Tsuchiya offers a radical perspective on complex subjects, experimenting with every aspect of digital. In Japanese with English subtitles.  Masashi Yamamoto/Yutaka Tsuchiya---Japan---1982/2004---206 mins.