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Scotty Pelk (Melik Malkasian) is an obsessive cinephile whose encyclopedic       knowledge has allowed him to hold down a job at a video store despite his        grating personality. However, when customer complaints pile up, the socially     inept clerk is cut loose, causing him to spiral into a deep depression. Enter  Niko (Tylser Gannon), a sexy free spirit who might just be Scotty's ticket out of terminal geekdom. "The perfect film for anyone who loves movies" (Bill      James Westby---USA---2005---72 mins.
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A searing, yet well-balanced documentary spun from media critic Norman           Solomon's book dealing with the way the American government has marketed wars    to the its people during the last 50 years. If War Made Easy               accomplishes anything, it's convincing viewers that the term "liberal media"   is an oxymoron, with the press complying with government misinformation. And   even though Hollywood lefty Sean Penn is the narrator, The Village Voice assures this is "an entirely nonpartisan should mandatory          Loretta Alper/Jeremy Earp---USA---2007---72 mins.