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One of the most important pillars of society is family, but "family" means something a little bit different to each person. The films in Family & Community explore the various types of families that act as support systems, teachers, and caregivers. These films show that our families can often expand beyond our mother, father, and siblings to our pets, cousins, friends, and neighbors. Throughout this compilation, kids will engage with communities from the United States to Japan as they learn that while our traditions of family and community may be different, the underlying sense of love and care remains the same. Programming for Vol. 3 includes: Abidjan (Alexander Etseyatse, USA/Ivory Coast, 2010, 33 mins.), Gerald's Last Day (Justin Rasch/Shel Rasch, USA, 2009, 10 mins.), Mouse for Sale (Wouter Bongaerts, Belgium, 2010, 4 mins.), My Dad Ralph (Nicholas Wong, Canada, 2008, 11 mins.), Sabeel (Khalid Al-Mahmood, United Arab Emirates, 2010, 20 mins.), Seasons of Love (Grettel Batoon, USA, 2009, 4 mins.), Sores & Sirin (Katrin Gebbe, Germany, 2008, 23 mins.), The Scarecrow Girl (Cassio Pereira don Santos, Brazil, 2008, 11 mins.), Tick Tock Time Emporium (Morgan Faust, USA, 2011, 16 mins.), and Twins in Bakery (Mari Miyazawa, Japan, 2013, 4 mins.).
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