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An intense cinematic translation of a theatre piece in which actor Ron Vawter interprets the dual roles of Roy Cohn--the racist, reactionary prosecutor of the Joe McCarthy era and beyond who battled civil rights for homosexuals though he was homosexual himself--and Jack Smith, the open, avant-garde filmmaker/performance artist of Flaming Creatures. "These two men, who had nothing in common except their death from AIDS in the late '80s, are resurrected by Vawter and Godmilow in a contrast of stance, from which is born, little by little, a sensation of undoing, of sadness, of finitude" (La Stampa).

Jill Godmilow---USA---1995---88 mins.
The complete, extraordinary "reperformance" by Ron Vawter of Jack Smith's 1981 performance piece, What's Underground About Marshmallows, in which Jack, strongly against the commodification of art and fearful that people were making illegal copies of his films, accuses Jonas Mekas, the champion of avant-garde film in the early '60s, of this diabolical infringement. In Marshmallows, Jack tells a funny, pathetic tale "on" himself--a nightmare of failing to catch Mekas--called variously "Uncle Artcrust," "Uncle Fishhook" and sometimes "Old Uncle Oldie"--in the act of duplication.

Jill Godmilow---USA---1996---60 mins.
Gay Rights is an issue heard around the world, including Cuba. Free Havana paints a vivid picture of what it has been like to be gay in Cuba through the candid stories of six gay and lesbian individuals. From the Batista era to the Revolution to the Mariel Boatlift to present-day Cuba, Free Havana exposes the evolution of gay life from a time when homosexuality was considered a punishable crime to current efforts to promote a greater acceptance of freedom of sexual orientation. Honest in approach and poignant in content, the stories of the six Cubans will inform and inspire as they touch your heart. In 2006, a shorter version of Free Havana, or Habana Libre, became the first documentary of its kind to be screened at Havana’s International Festival of New Latin Cinema, a milestone for LGBT cinema given the strict censorship in Cuba. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Eliezer Perez Angueira---Cuba---2012---58 mins.
A documentary about two women who fall in love in a small Hungarian village, once a haven for the lesbian community. One lives in poverty, while the other is married to an abusive and alcoholic husband who threatens to take her to court when he finds out about her secret. Biding her time until he's out of the picture, she and her children are eventually able to move in with her female lover. In Hungarian with English subtitles.

Bodis Kriszia---Hungary---2006---50 mins.
Two gay lovers--a surgeon and a student--move in with the controlling mother of the former in this delightful Mexican comedy. "Amusing, cheerfully subversive...a film to be savored regardless of one's sexual preference" (Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide). "The ultimate gay homage to mom" (David Denby, New York Magazine).

Jaime Humberto Hermosillo---Mexico---1986---90 mins.