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Spanning a decades-long artistic career, the collected films of James Broughton represent a remarkable body of work by a leading avant-garde American filmmaker--an undisputed master of the fusion of spoken poetry with moving images. A poet and dramatist as well as a filmmaker, Broughton has transformed all three of these forms into what Stan Brakhage called "an art of lifelong montage." Seventeen of Broughton's films are featured, including, Mother's Day (1948), Loony Tom (1951), Four in the Afternoon (1951), The Pleasure Garden (1953), The Bed (1968), The Golden Positions (1970), This Is It (1971), Dreamwood (1972), High Kukus (1973), Testament (1974), The Water Circle (1975), Erogeny, Songs of the Godboy (1977), Hermes Bird (1979), The Gardener of Eden (1981), Devotions (1983), and Scattered Remains.

James Broughton---USA---1948-1988---290 mins.