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The origins of a homegrown Scottish cinema can be traced back to filmmaker Bill Douglas, who directed this trio of brilliant semiautobiographical films about his brutal childhood in an impoverished mining town in the Highlands. My Childhood (1972, 46 mins.), introduces Douglas' analogue, Jaime (Stephen Archibald), focusing on the boy's relationship with a German POW during the last days of WWII. In My Ain Folk (1973, 55 mins.), we find Jaime living with his grandmother before being forced into an orphanage. Lastly, My Way Home (1978, 64 mins.) presents an older Jaime during his years of service in the Royal Air Force. For each of the three films presented here, Douglas won awards from the Berlin Film Festival's Forum of New Cinema, including the FIPRESCI in 1979.

Bill Douglas---Great Britain---1972-1978---165 mins.