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Black Africans are capturing African tribesmen and trading them into European slavery in this historical drama set in the 17th century. Adanggaman, played by Rasmane Ouedraogo, is a native tyrant complicit in the trafficking of human cargo. When Ossei (Ziable Honore Goore Bi) is off on a secret tryst, his village is attacked by Adanggaman and his men, who take his mother hostage and murder the rest of his loved ones. Ossei's journey to rescue his mother will define or end his young adult life. "As fundamental, and haunted, as a combat scar" (Michael Atkinson, Village Voice). Director Roger Gnoan M''Bala uses native songs and rhythms to contrast the shocking images. In Bambara, Baoule and French with English subtitles.

Roger Gnoan M''Bala---Ivory Coast/Switzerland---2000---85 mins