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This mysterious, genre-defying French film concerns a reclusive artist named Rene Bernard (Patrick-Mario Bernard), who lives and works in a beautiful old ballroom with his male lover, Patric (Pierre Trividic). When Patric leaves for an extended holiday, Rene begins to obsess over a strange photograph of two eerie clowns that hangs in their home. Growing increasingly out of sync with the world around, Rene is soon visited by a ghostly presence that causes him to question his sanity. "This highly conceptual tale of doppelgangers and parallel universes, out of Polanski's Tenant via Kubrick's The Shining, exerts a certain hypnotic fascination" (Variety). Also known as Dancing. In French with English subtitles.

Patrick-Mario Bernard/Xavier Brillat/Pierre Trividic---France---2003---94 m ins.