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Comprising three narratives, Arnaud des Pallieres' profound film meditates on the lingering impact of the Holocaust on France. The first tale concerns the last survivor, who laments not leaving behind an account of the horrors he witnessed. In the second, a young historian researching the deportation camp in Drancy, France, discovers the site is now occupied by a deplorable housing project called La Muette ("The Silent"). In the final chapter, a ship's captain recounts a journey up an uncharted river towards a little-known civilization. "After Resnais' Nuit et Brouillard and Lanzmann's Shoah, Drancy Avenir can be defined as the film of the third generation..." (Le Monde). In French with English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian or Hebrew subtitles.

Arnaud des Pallieres---France---1996---84 mins.