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Electra, My Love is a strikingly modern take on a classic tale of revenge.

With Electra, My Love, Miklos Jancso catapults a Greek myth into the 20th century. Based on a play by Laszlo Gyurko, the film reinterprets the classic tale of revenge for the modern age. Jancso plays the past, present, and future off of each other in thrilling ways and discovers everlasting truths about corrosive power.

Played with quiet ferocity by Mari Torocsik, Electra awaits the return of her brother. With his help, she hopes to topple the current tyrant who himself overthrew her father years ago. Captured in a series of 12 long takes, Electra, My Love sees this plan to fruition through luscious visual poetry and magnetic performances.

Starring: Mari Töröcsik, György Cserhalmi, József Madaras, Lajos Balázsovits. Director: Miklós Jancsó. Writer: Gyula Hernádi, László Gyurkó. Cinematographer: János Kende. Score: Tamás Cseh. Producers: Mafilm and the Hungarian Film Laboratory.

Directed by Miklós Jancsó---Hungary---1974---71 minutes. In Hungarian with English subtitles.

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