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Two explosive, shocking, and profound films from Amos Gitai. Set mostly in the West Bank before and during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon (some scenes were also shot there), Field Diary (1982, 83 mins.) explores, as the film states it, "how the occupation manifests itself, and how violence against the Palestinians is legitimized." With its in-your-face interference with soldiers and its unique and profoundly haunting counterpoint of sound and image, Field Diary is a daring and brutally on-the-edge film. In Arena of Murder (1996, 80 mins.), Gitai investigates the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin three weeks after the event. He travels through the country for several months, filming random encounters to paint a melancholic portrait of a country in turmoil. In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles.

Amos Gitai---Israel/France---1982, 1996---163 mins.