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Amin Haghi, a young writer for Iran's most liberal magazine, is accused of insulting the state when he publishes his dead brother's war memoirs. As he sits in jail, his girlfriend and buddies try to make bail so they can be with him while he awaits trial. After little success, someone hits upon the idea of renting out Amin's family home for special celebrations. The plan works until they inadvertently host a raucous party with alcohol and loud western music. Part love story, part social commentary, Party exposes the suffering of Iranian society at the hands of a repressive government, especially in relation to press censorship. Almost banned by authorities, this controversial drama was directed by Saman Moghadam (Siavash, Cafe Setareh), whose films entertain as much as they explore and critique. In Farsi with English subtitles.

Saman Moghadam---Iran---2000---88 mins.