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“The movie equivalent of garage rock … crude, angry, stripped of basics.” – Washington Post

Tough and in your face, Rodrigo D: No Future reveals the brutal tale of a teenager trying to make his way in one of the world’s toughest towns: Medellin, Colombia. Rodrigo dreams of playing rock and roll, so he rallies his friends into a punk band. The band’s music emerges as a salvation from a web of violence, fear, aimlessness, drugs, and jail.

Employing a cast of young actors and real-life street toughs – some of whom met violent ends before the film was released – Rodrigo D invites comparisons to Luis Buñuel’s Los Olvidos and Alex Cox’s Sid & Nancy.

Starring: Ramiro Meneses, Carlos Mario Restrepo and Jackson Idrian Gallego. Director: Victor Gaviria. Writers: Victor Gaviria, Angela Perez, & Luis Fernando Calderon. Cinematographer: Rodrigo Lalinde. Editor: Alberto Restrepo. Score: German Arrieta. Producer: Guillermo Calle.

Colombia/1989/91 minutes/Color/Spanish with English subtitles