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Heinz Emigholz, the premier purveyor of architectural oddities (D'Annunzio's Cave; Goff in the Desert), offers a stunning portrait of urban Los Angeles through the houses of Austrian-American architect Rudolph Schindler. Using no voiceover, archival photos, or other conventions of standard documentaries, the film presents beautifully composed shots of 40 of Schindler's houses in the order in which they were built. Emigholz's style is formal and subtle, but the cumulative effect is a provocative meditation on Schindler's ideas regarding architecture and environment. "I would happily rank Schindler's Houses on the short list of essential modern movies about our city's physical and social geography" (Scott Foundas, LA Weekly). Part of Emigholz's "Photography and Beyond" series. In German or English with optional English subtitles.

Heinz Emigholz---Germany---2007---99 mins.