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Two of the most important participants of the Iranian New Wave – Houshang Golmakani and Mohsen Makhmalbaf – come together in Stardust Stricken to give us a rare look at the relationship between personal history, ideology, and art. Golmakani is a critic, filmmaker, and founding editor of Film, Iran’s oldest post-revolutionary film magazine, while Makmalbaf is a controversial director whose films, like The Boycott and The Gardener, are both visually and politically daring.

In Stardust Stricken, the critic turns the camera onto the filmmaker to trace Makmalbaf’s development from a prison-bound political activist to a renowned filmmaker. We journey with Golmakani through locales of Makmalbaf’s youth: the poor Tehrani neighborhood where he was born, the clandestine places his political guerrilla group met, the spot where he was shot and arrested while trying to disarm a policeman – the places and events shaped a filmmaker who would, after a four-year prison sentence, decide to approach his activism through art. In Farsi with English subtitles.

Houshang Golmakani---
Iran---1996---70 mins.
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