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Overshadowed by the immensity of films like Solaris and Andrei Rublev, here are two lesser known works from Andrei Tarkovsky. Rescued from Russian film archives, The Steamroller and the Violin (USSR, 1960, 43 mins.) was Tarkovsky's diploma film for the Soviet State Film School. The story is a warm yet ironic one about the unlikely friendship between a young   boy who loves the violin and a steamroller driver. At once diary and documentary, travelogue, and art film, Voyage in Time (Italy, 1983, 63 mins.) chronicles Tarkovsky as he scouts locations and explores ideas for his  next feature. Accompanied by Italian screenwriter Tonino Guerra (Red Desert), Tarkovsky explores the countryside and medieval villages of Italy, searching for an internal landscape as much as a literal one. In Russian and Andrei Tarkovsky/Tonino Guerra---USSR/Italy---1960/1983---106 mins.