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A unique and provocative interpretation of sci-fi, Alexander Kluge's Der Grosse Verhau "suggests Georges Melies, with the limited equipment of his day, remaking 2001" (The New York Times). In the year 2034, the Kruger star system is dominated by a powerful corporate giant called the Suez Canal Company. Large sections of the galaxy have been portioned off to corporations, which exploit raw materials and push out smaller businesses that cannot obtain operator's licenses. In this tightly controlled arena, salvagers Vincenze and Maria Starr, space pilot Douglas, and entrepreneur Furst eke out a living as rebels or pirates (depending on your view of Marx). Winner of an Interfilm Award at the Berlin Film Festival. In German with English subtitles.

Alexander Kluge---West Germany---1971---86 mins.
  • Includes Engine Cough, a short film by Kluge.