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At a school for the blind, the students exuberantly show off their remarkable talents as musicians, as radio announcers, as daredevil bicyclists, and most unexpected of all, as photographers. Why take pictures of a world you can’t see? To capture memories, of course. In this extraordinary, intimate, and often funny documentary about how blind children view the world, the brilliant Czech filmmaker Miroslav Janek opens a window into their lives. Janek, who points his camera at those who are often misunderstood or ignored, here, gives voice to the marginalized, challenging our assumptions of the status quo and what it means to be part of society. The Unseen is a charming and intimate portrait of blind students, their resilience and creativity, showing them as both ordinary and extraordinary because of and in spite of their blindness.“A small wonder…takes hold of the heart immediately and never loosens its grip…brilliantly conceptualized and immaculately crafted piece of filmmaking" (Variety). In Czech with English subtitles.

Miroslav Janek--Czech Republic--1996--53 mins.
  • Facets DVD on Demand: This DVD-R is manufactured on demand and is expected to play back in DVD-Video "play only" devices.