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Anthropologist and filmmaker Stephane Breton lived among the Wodoni of Papua, New Guinea, and produced two documentaries based on his remarkable adventures. Unlike other ethnographic filmmakers, Breton is interested in how the Wodoni see him, not in merely documenting their culture. This provides the premise for Them and Me (Eux et moi, 2001, 62 mins.), in which he gradually builds a close bond with his neighbors, illustrating the theme that certain aspects of life are universal whether you are a French filmmaker or a Wodoni villager. In Heaven in a Garden (Le ciel dans un jardin, 2003, 63 mins.), Breton returns to the village after several years, knowing that future trips will be impossible and that this is his last visit. In this nostalgic account, he explores the poetry and beauty of the little things and shares his perspective on a people he has grown to admire. In French with English subtitles.

Stephane Breton---France---2001/2003---125 mins.