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Water Is Wet is an astonishing film experiment which visually evokes water to connect children to their feelings, awaken their imaginations and spark their creativity. It was the first of four short films directed by documentary pioneer Gordon Weisenborn. The films were produced by the Erikson Institute for Early Childhood Education and today remain a landmark of instinctual filmmaking for young audiences. Now rediscovered, three of the four films are presented in new high-definition restorations: Sit Down, Where Does My Street Go? and Water Is Wet, together with the fourth, unrestored film, If I Were an Animal. Shot all around Chicago and using a mixture of folk songs, classroom activities, and staged vignettes, these films by Gordon Weisenborn capture a spirit of optimism that strives for a world where all children have equal opportunity. To help children see and experience new things in their immediate surroundings, the four episodes in the series were designed to stimulate imagination, curiosity, and active play.

Gordon Weisenborn---USA---1969-1970---80 mins.
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