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Do No Harm tells the incredible and often outrageous story of two men in a small, southern town who endured relentless attacks in order to draw national attention to the plight of the medically uninsured and bring about reform. I couldn't hire enough staff to know where all of the skeletons are buried. We need whistleblowers, says Sen. Charles Grassley of Dr. John Bagnato and Charles Rehberg, who exposed significant unethical practices towards uninsured patients at Phoebe Putney Hospital, a non-profit hospital in Georgia. They uncovered millions of dollars in offshore bank accounts and lucrative for-profit businesses under the control of the non-profit hospital. Board members held exclusive contracts with the hospital and politicians received timely contributions. And shockingly it was all legal. Do No Harm follows the stories of these unlikely activists who sacrificed much in order to expose and rectify injustices in the non-profit hospital system.

Rebecca Schanberg---USA---2009---55 mins.