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Since 2008, Ernest Larsen and Sherry Millner have been researching, curating, and teaching aesthetically and politically radical nonfiction media. A follow up to Disruptive Film Vol. 1, their new collection presents under-explored or forgotten approaches to political and experimental filmmaking.

The overall aim of the Disruptive Film project is to help construct an alternative history of experimental, political nonfiction media, specifically from the perspective of the short film. Vol. 2 expands on this effort with two distinct programs that contain 16 works from 11 countries, spanning 50 years of film history.

This 2-disc set includes an e-booklet with an introduction by the curators, program and film descriptions, and credits.
Program 1: Refuse and Refusal
Isle Of Flowers by Jorge Furtado (Brazil, 1989, 12 minutes)
In Between by Nicki Hewitt (Croatia, 2002, 11 minutes)
Garbage Newsreel (USA, 1968, 11 minutes)
Sweeping Up (Ausfegen) by Joseph Beuys & Jurgen Boch (Germany, 1972, 26 minutes)
Black Film by Zelimir Zilnik (Yugoslavia, 1971, 15 minutes)
Tehran is the Capital of Iran by Kamran Shirdel (Iran, 1966-1980, 18 minutes)
Five Dots by Tomas Ochoa & Andriana Meyer (Argentina, 2005, 11 minutes)
Dont Go Gentle into the Night by Sylvain George (France, 2005, 20 minutes)
Program 2: Excavated Histories
Suprematist Kapital by James T. Hong & Yin-Ju Chen (USA/Taiwan, 2007, 5 minutes)
The Day You Will Love Me by Leandro Katz (Argentina, 1997, 30 minutes)
Minus 6 by Leslie Thornton (U.S.A., 2008, 2 minutes)
What Farocki Taught by Jill Godmilow (U.S.A., 1997, 30 minutes)
Xochimilco 1914 by Los Viumasters (Mexico, 2010, 5 minutes)
Threnody for the Victims of Marikana by Aryan Kaganof (South Africa, 2014, 28 minutes)
Satyagraha by Jacques Perconte (France, 2009, 5 minutes)
41 Shots by Sherry Millner & Ernest Larsen (U.S.A., 2000, 15 minutes)

Brazil, Croatia, U.S.A., Germany, Yugoslavia, Iran, Argentina, France, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa/1966 2014/243 minutes/Color, black & white.
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