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Natalie Portman plays an American living in Jerusalem in this allegorical road movie by the controversial Israeli auteur, Amos Gitai. After leaving her fiance, Portman impulsively hops in the cab of a harsh Israeli woman (Hanna Laslo), and joins her on a trip to the "free zone" of Jordan, where she is to collect money owed to her husband. Upon their arrival, a Palestinian woman (Hiam Abbass) informs them that the money and their contact are missing. Forced to join the search, the trio comes to represent the macrocosm of unsolvable strife in the region. "The movie's early enthusiasm for visual experimentation recede in deference to the main event: the battle of wills" (Village Voice). In English, Arabic, and Hebrew with optional English subtitles.

Amos Gitai---France/Israel/Spain/Belgium---2005---90 mins.