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In 1864, George Pullman began selling his famous railroad sleeping cars, which helped him build a vast industrial empire that was supposed to last forever. A model of the modern employer, Pullman had constructed a self-sustaining village for his workers just outside Chicago, with its own school, sewage system, and public works. However, nothing lasts forever, and by 1981, Pullman workers found themselves in the midst of a fight not only for their jobs but the future of the American rail car industry. The Last Pullman Car traces 100 years in the history of this unique company that grappled with government, union and corporate policies. "Never intrusive and avoiding obvious, human interest techniques, Pullman Car makes the members of local 1834 come alive on their own terms” (Larry Kart, Chicago Tribune). “This film is a battle cry!” (Studs Terkel).

Gordon Quinn/Jerry Blumenthal/Jenny Rohrer/Greg LeRoy---USA---1983---56 mins.