This essay film from renowned filmmaker and media theorist Harun Farocki meditates on the rhetoric of film and video editing. Using clips from his past documentary work, Farocki explores the relationship between the editor and the images he or she manipulates. Interface becomes essential to our understanding of contemporary audio-visual culture by highlighting the implications of the video editor’s work. Derived from an installation commissioned by the Lille Museum of Modern Art, Interface employs a unique dual-screen composition that mimics the editing table and offers a new understanding of visual language. In Interface, the editor – whose work has become essential to the Information Age – becomes a powerful figure with a strong ethical relationship to the images, sounds, and, eventually, ideology that they help produce. In German with English subtitles.

Harun Farocki---Germany---1995---25 mins.


Winner of five major awards, including the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival and the Rembrandt award for Best Film, Little Sister is an audacious film that solidified Robert Jan Westdijk as a major talent. Westdijk masterfully uses a home video aesthetic to create a quietly terrifying, yet often funny, depiction of a brother-sister relationship troubled by a deep, buried secret. On her 20th birthday, brother Martijn (Romijn Conen) suddenly reunites with his sister, Daantje (Kim van Kooten). With video camera in hand, he tapes her every move, subsequently sabotaging her relationship with her close friends. Little Sister is a perfect example of intimate cinema, where the filmmaking style and the content of the story work together to give us an emotionally real and visually satisfying experience. In Dutch with English subtitles.

Robert Jan Westdijk---Netherlands---1996---91 mins.


In his work, German filmmaker and media theorist Harun Farocki rigorously explores how contemporary society interacts with audio-visual technology. The Appearance brilliantly combines two prominent themes from Farocki's earlier work, corporate culture (Indoctrination & The Interview) and advertising (Still Life). The Appearance gives the viewer a behind closed doors portrait of how brand identity is created. This unconventional documentary chronicles a high-profile marketing pitch from a Berlin advertising agency to a Danish optical company. The campaign, centered on the logo EYEDENTITY, is discussed in minute detail, from market research strategies to design principles and semantics. In The Appearance, Farocki skillfully probes the methods and tools used by large companies to sell products, ideas, and even a sense of self, and successfully adds another layer to the "clever" pun, EYEDENTITY. In German with English subtitles.

Harun Farocki---Germany---1996---40 mins.